Introducing the all-new 1403 Smartwatch!


1403 SmartWatch is the help that you’ve been looking for.

A smartwatch is a wearable computer in the form of a watch; modern smartwatches provide a local touchscreen interface for daily use.

While an associated smartphone app provides for management and telemetry (such as long-term biomonitoring).

While early models could perform basic tasks, such as calculations, digital time telling, translations, and game-playing.

Also, 2010s smartwatches have more general functionality closer to smartphones, including mobile apps, a mobile operating system and WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity.

Some smartwatches function as portable media players, with FM radio and playback of digital audio and video files via a Bluetooth headset.

Some models, called ‘watch phones’ (or vice versa), have mobile cellular functionality like making calls.

Feel modern and trendy with the water-resistant watch that will be easy to use and will be your new helpful companion whenever you need it!

1403 Luxury is a leading Nigerian luxury fashion brand that specializes in bespoke hand-crafted leather fashion item.

such as shoes, bags and other leather accessories like bracelets and wristwatch for both male and female.

Now you can monitor all the vital signs of your health on a daily basis while staying perfectly organized – order 1403 SmartWatch today and enjoy premium quality on a budget and nationwide.

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