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About 1403Luxury

Bespoke shoes in Gwarinpa

1403Luxury is a leading Nigerian luxury fashion brand that specializes in bespoke hand-crafted leather fashion items;

 such as shoes, bags and other leather accessories for both male and female.


1403 work with locally sourced leather, farmed exotic skins of Crocodile; Snake; and Alligators,

and also source their leathers from Italy for the production of luxurious shoes in the United Kingdom.

At the moment, all 1403 products are created right out from Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city,

by a team that benefits from traditional techniques passed down through generations by a community of local artisans.

Creating a world-class product that can compete with other brands you can find anywhere in the world is what motivates 1403 Luxury.

As a brand with its unique identity which enables them to try as much as making their product personal and special to their customers.

Such as running with what individuals love to see in their shoes, how they want their shoes to look like, what feel they wish to derive when wearing the designs.

1403 want to birth, the Preferred Colour, if they so wish we put a name or initial or signature on their shoe

Presently, 1403 are bespoke hence we measure, Fit, and run with clients order and produce in less than 15 working days.

currently, We are working on their ready to wear pieces very soon

Above all, 1403 Luxury Goal and aim is to make their product available to every Nigerian,

who desires to wear quality and best design of leather work you can find anywhere in the world.

We are set to launch our wristwatch line Sometimes in March 2019.


1403 love you.

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