1403 Ring and Bracelet Size Guide.

For proper and accurate sizing, we recommend using a tape rule or bracelet and ring sizer. To help you measure the circumference of your wrist just above your hands, or on your preferred finger. 

Bracelet sizes.

Small: up to 16cm-18cm or 160mm – 180mm. (Wrist)
Medium: up to 19cm-20cm or 190mm – 200mm. (Wrist)
Large: up to 21cm-22cm or 210mm – 220mm. (Wrist)

Ring Sizes

Small: up to 16.5mm-17.7mm or US size 6 – 7. (Finger)
Medium: up to 18.2mm-19.4mm or US size 8 – 9. (Finger)
Large: up to 19.8mm – 21mm or US size 10 – 11. (Finger)