1403 Anchor of Hope Ring

$ 47.00

1403 Anchor of Hope Ring. A symbol for Confidence and Strength.

The Anchor ring belongs to our Anchor Collection which includes the ring, a neckpiece and an Anchor bracelet. The anchor ring is a source of confidence for the wearer, it will make you stand out from your peers with its unique black and gold design. It also signifies strength, meaning you are a person with authority and class.

The 1403 Signature Anchor of Hope Ring is also more than just an accessory, it is a movement piece worn by those who choose to hope for a better tomorrow, that no matter how dark the night gets, dawn would still come. A piece worn in trying times to give you stability and strength to carry on, and a belief that all would be well again. The Anchor symbolizes resilience in the face of storms and trials, the wearer will always prevail and stand tall at the end.

Weight 3.5 g

1403 Anchor of Hope Ring

  • Material: It is made with Burnished Stainless Steel, so the ring will NEVER rust, tarnish, or lose its shine and become dull.
  • Color: The color is Gold and Black, made to suit all outfits for business events and casual late night outings.
  • Sizes: Available in various sizes to better fit your fingers.
  • Detail: A gold anchor is placed on the face of the ring to symbolize strength and show confidence and also make you stand out from others.

Please note: For a long life span please keep away from water.

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