Black Compass Star Ring

$ 44.00

Black Compass Star Ring. A symbol of purpose and direction.

The Black Compass Star Ring was inspired by the four (4) point star or diamond star, commonly associated with finding your direction for a purpose. Popularly known from the story of the three wise men, it represents a zeal and determination to get to your destination in any circumstance of life, with the compass star ring, You WILL achieve your purpose.

It is also made with Stainless Steel meaning it will never rust, tarnish or lose its shine. It will also not retain scratches even if the ring is worn everyday for 2 years. Its simple and sophisticated all black design is ideal for matching all outfits from casual to formal, the compass ring is made to suit every occasion.

Weight 3.5 g

Black Compass Star Ring

  • Material: It is made with Burnished Stainless Steel, so the ring will NEVER rust, tarnish, or lose its shine and become dull.
  • Color: The color is all black, made to suit all outfits for business events and casual late night outings.
  • Sizes: Available in various sizes to better fit your fingers.
  • Detail: A four point star is engraved on the face of the ring to represent purpose and direction.

Please note: For a long life span please keep away from water.

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