Croc Cream Card Holder

$ 58.50

Croc Cream Card Holder.

The 1403 Croc Cream Card holder is a chic and minimalist card holder crafted in genuine top-grain leather. A hall mark of high quality which ages better through time and use. A style that will linger in people’s minds for luxury.

The Croc card holder can be matched with any other personal accessories. Look sleek and sophisticated in all your little encounters – professional or personal.

Keep all your important cards in individual slots making them easy to find and take out without getting disorganized.

“Never compromise your style, people watch when you pull out your ATM Card, give them a luxurious sight.” – Anonymous


The card holder was made by the finest Italian craftsmen, with style and comfort been their key focus of design for the card holder. To avoid causing back complications like wallets and bulky cardholders do.


The Croc Card Holder is made using the finest crocodile print skin. It has a built-in texture from the natural scale pattern of the crocodile. This adds visual pop that helps to set the card holder apart from ordinary cowhide. And catches the attention of high-fashion accessory lovers.

Croc skin is prohibitively expensive, which makes it very exclusive. Only the wealthy are able to afford getting a croc card holder. This sets you apart from the crowd when you pull out your ATM from a croc skinned card holder to settle your bill.

It is a badge of distinction, a mark that they have it all, that they insist on having the best, and will settle for nothing less.

Overall, crocodile leather is an excellent material for creating high-fashion accessories. Luxurious, supple, and very easy to work with.

Functionality of the Cream Card Holder.

The Croc card holder is designed to carry a minimum of 5 cards comfortably without having to struggle to pull out your cards. Which is disorderly and doesn’t show style.


Due to the high demand of crocodile skin accessories. It is one that can be hard to acquire and as such there is a limited number in stock. Due to short supply in croc skin, we have just 20 of the croc card holder black.


The croc card holder has a timeless design, and also durability. It can last for years without wear or tear, plus all 1403 products are covered with a 750 days warranty on all our products.

Packaging, Shipping and Delivery Time for the Croc Cream Card Holder.

The card holder will come beautifully packaged in a luxurious 1403 box and a 1403 pouch, perfect for giving as a gift to someone or as a present for yourself.

All Orders are ready to ship and be delivered within 1-3 business days depending on your location. You’ll be notified via a phone call and also an email when the package ships.

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The perfect functional gift for yourself and a loved one.

Weight 24.5 g

Cream, Sky Blue, Black, Red

Sky Blue
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