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Warm and precious gifts for your loved ones

Are you wondering what Warm and precious gifts for your loved ones? Then you’re in luck, just sit back and relax as i show you some very Warm and precious gifts for your loved ones be it either male or females. These ideas are all culled from the 1403 collection of accessories for the modern day gentleman and his lady and would make for a perfect gift.

Getting gifts for those close to us is often stressful, why? because the process of finding that perfect gift which would convey your warm and precious thoughts through gifts for your loved ones is tiring. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of the most Warm and precious gifts for your loved ones. From our experience, these are the products which most stylish people would absolutely love.

Compiled to be as simple and precise as possible, and also contains special offers from 1403. Located in Ceddi plaza Abuja, or the branch in Emmanuel Keshi Street, Magodo 2, Lagos.

1403 is a luxury brand with stores in Abuja and Lagos. We also deliver nationwide using DHL at a fixed rate so you can order any piece which catches your eye straight from our website at

Warm and Precious gifts for your loved ones.

1. Nothing beats Wristwatches.

The very first on our list of warm and precious gifts for your loved ones are Wristwatches. Most especially if they are into fashion and have great style.

If there is one accessory most people can’t do without, it is a wristwatch. It is not only a stylish piece but functional too. It could be a simple

At 1403, we have different types of wristwatches available to pick from.

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2. Leather Bracelets because why not.

Leather bracelets are a sign of class and style, it adds a rugged appeal to any outfit. When trying to pick Warm and precious gifts for your loved ones. You can’t go wrong with a classy leather bracelet.

the type of leather bracelet also factors in, some bracelets are plain and minimalist, while some are shouty and attracts immediate attention. They are also available in various colors for the leather which includes Black, Maroon, Blue and Brown.

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3.  Cuff Bracelets are also chief among Warm and precious gifts for your loved ones.

Cuff bracelets as thoughtful and cool gifts for guys

Another gift idea for them are cuff bracelets. Although not all men buy cuff bracelets themselves, they are a hit with the ladies and are a nice alternative when you want to deviate from the norm in gifts.

The key to selecting the right cuff bracelet for a man is that the design should be simple but look sophisticated. Most men would say cuff bracelets with ostentatious design are for ladies and won’t wear it. Also most cuffs are adjustable, however if the cuff is bigger than your wrist. It may cause it to dangle on your wrist, so try getting something that would fit easily without hassle.

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4. Rings are a no brainer.

Rings as Thoughtful and cool Gifts for guys
A best selling piece included in our list of Warm and precious gifts for your loved ones are rings.Rings are a hit or miss with most guys, its either you like them, you don’t like them or you’ve never tried wearing them.

Our signature rings are the Anchor rings and the Compass rings.

To make this gift really stand out, it would be better to get matching pairs and make it a tradition. This deepens the meaning behind the gift and really shows thoughtfulness and love.

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5. Necklaces too are a nice touch.

Necklaces or even chains are decorative accessories and are among Warm and precious gifts that you could get for your loved ones. Why necklaces? because they stand out from the norm.

It looks stylish, matured and exudes class. It shows confidence and separates the wearer from the pack. For the ladies, we have

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6. Fountain Pen.

Pens as thoughtful and cool gifts for guys

A fountain pen is mostly appreciated by scholars, government officials and High class business people. A fountain pen is not just a warm gift but a classy one too. If you’re unsure if the fountain pen would be appreciated, then you could also go for a ball point pen. When you think of the 1403 classic pens, you think of appeal, status and influence.

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You’ll find something that expresses their personality. To help them look and feel stylish no matter the occasion. Check out the lovely jewelries we have for sale, including our newest collection like the united chain bracelet and single loop bracelet, and level up your style today.

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