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All You Need to Know About Cuff Bracelets in 2022

Cuff Bracelets in 2022 are often confused for bangles. However, that’s not quite true. You’ll see why you need to know the difference as we discuss all you need to know about cuff bracelets. While a bangle is an inflexible piece of jewellery, a bracelet is flexible.

So, there are bangle bracelets but even they are very different from bangles. The same for leather bracelets, cuff bracelets, beaded bracelets, and the rest.

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Without much fanfare, let’s get into all you need to know about cufflinks in 2022.

What Are Cuff Bracelets?

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All bracelets that don’t enclose the whole wrist are referred to as cuff bracelets. There are a variety of shapes for cuff bracelets. Flat, round, convex, oval, hollow.

A bit of history.

Years ago, Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, etc, all wore cuff bracelets for two major reasons.

Some wore it as protection, others as a symbol of prestige. It is not so far off the trend today. Is it? Because you can tell where to place someone on the social ladder by staring at their bracelet long enough.

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How to Choose a Cuff Bracelet

There are three things to consider when choosing a cuff bracelet.

1. Size

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Whether you want a loose-hanging cuff bracelet or something that fits more, it is important to know your exact size. Measure your wrist using a flexible tool like tape, especially if you won’t test it out on the spot.

You can add an inch to the measurement so that you get a comfy bracelet.


2.  The Cuff Shape.

I already listed the shapes you can get with cuff bracelets. But this is about the general aesthetics of the product you tend to buy.

Accessories make your general appearance pop, so choose something classy and elegant…

3. Longevity.

Pieces of jewellery that last are quite a feat to buy. Most people buy these expensive pieces to look good. But also as an investment since they have mouth-watering monetary returns even as second-hands.

Care of Cuff Bracelets in 2022.

How to keep your cuff bracelets depends on the nature of the bracelet. So, if they are gold or silver or diamonds, they should be treated as such.

But one important thing is, most cuff bracelets are adjustable. Meaning they are made of flexible material, avoid putting them in the hands of kids, so they don’t overstretch them and misshapen it.

You can adjust them yourself if they don’t fit anymore. But if they are stoned, take them to a jeweler so that the stones are not spoilt in the process of you adjusting it.

Cuff bracelets are still trendsetters, there’s no doubt. If you are thinking about them, go for it. But get all you need to know about cuff bracelets in place so that you can rock them perfectly.

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