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Why people love beaded bracelets in Abuja and Lagos.

Ever wondered why people love beaded bracelets especially in and around Abuja and Lagos. Well you are in luck. We enjoy discussing with the latest fashion trends, such as great style tips, but it’s also wonderful to revert back to an old favorite every now and then. And this time we will be focusing on why people love wearing beaded bracelets in Abuja and Lagos.

You’ve probably seen them on the wrists of celebrities like Johnny Depp and Russell Brand in Hollywood.

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Let’s get right into why people love beaded bracelets in Abuja and Lagos.

What are Beaded Bracelets?

To put simply, Beaded bracelets are bracelets made primarily using beads.

A bead is a little decorative item used to make necklaces, bracelets, and a variety of other ornamental dresses and apparel. They come in a variety of sizes (1mm to 1cm) and have been worn as jewelry for thousands of years, with the oldest dating back 100,000 years.

Beads are also becoming more popular as a medium for creating household items and art. Amateur artistry is being used to decorate boxes, crafts, bird feeders, doorknobs, and even drawers.

Beads have become immensely popular in various cultures and the fashion industry due to their artistic appeal. Beads are used as clothing embellishments, enhancing the visual appeal and value of the clothes or item.

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Why people love beaded bracelets in Abuja and Lagos

1. They are cool and stylish

People nowadays use a variety of bracelets, the beaded bracelet being one that has a classy appearance and transmits profound symbols. These motives are undeniably similar these days; a large number of people pick beaded bracelets in a variety of colors and styles because they think they are attractive, or to imitate a celebrity by looking cool and stylish.

However, people continue to wear a variety of beaded bracelets to convey what is important to them: some show style and some simply feel good.

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2.  Some bead bracelets are spiritual.

You’ve probably looked for ways to make yourself feel better if you’re suffering from physical or mental illnesses. Wearing some select type of beads bracelet, on the other hand, can aid with a range of conditions, making you feel better in the short and long term.

Like bracelets made of natural stone beads are lovely, but it’s more than just a stunning stone to complement a look. There are numerous advantages to wearing beads bracelet. If you’re thinking about why people love beaded bracelets especially in and around Abuja and Lagos, keep the above advantages in mind.

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3. Easy to customize.

Bead bracelets are the most easy to customize type of bracelet. You can easily string together beads to form your name than for any other type of jewelry. Making it also ideal to be given as a gift to a friend or loved one.

To make this gift really stand out, it would be better to get matching pairs. This deepens the meaning behind the gift and really shows thoughtfulness and love.

4. Shows your personality.

Due to the bracelet been easily customized, most people prefer wearing beads bracelet that matches their mood or personality, some prefer colorful bracelet to match their sunny personality. While those who are shy and reserved tend to wear beads that are not too shouty.
But in both cases, the bracelets are worn to suit the wearers personality trait.

5. Tradition and Culture.

Some cultures especially in Africa wear beads as part of their cultural attire, like the coral beads worn by Edo people in Nigeria, West Africa. And also the famous Ghana beads made to look like Ghana textile popularly known as Kente.

People wear bead bracelets in honour of their various culture and tradition.

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