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Top Three Accessories to Improve Your Style in Lagos and Abuja

Thinking about what top three accessories to improve your style in Lagos and Abuja?

Don’t fret, in this short post, we would show you the top three accessories you can wear to improve your style in Lagos and Abuja. These ideas are all culled from the 1403 collection of accessories.

Your style is much more than what you wear; it is how you choose to express yourself. You can be exotic or casual or Bohemian or just chic.

And what you choose, every day, you begin to develop a culture for a particular kind of accessory.

There are so many hacks to improve your style. You can have an entire wardrobe overhaul or experiment with different combinations of what you already have or find new fashion inspirations.

Which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top three accessories you need to improve your style. From our experience, these are the products which are the most tested and trusted.

Compiled to be as simple and precise as possible, and also contains special offers from 1403. Located in Ceddi plaza Abuja, or the branch in Emmanuel Keshi Street, Magodo 2, Lagos.

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Here are the top three accessories to improve your style in Lagos and Abuja.

1. Wristwatches.

If you are going over to friends’ for a casual evening, you can put on a pair of trousers and a simple shirt. But do you know a polished leather wristwatch can switch your look to an office-ready fit?

Roman Flamingo Wristwatch

In addition to switching the feel of a look, wristwatches make you look attractive. They make you look smart and scream ‘I’m here for business.’ It oozes class and sometimes luxury.

Astro Surfer Wrist watch

You can have the fun advantages of adding a wristwatch to your collection to improve your style and more. Some wrist watches are great investments; they could be passed down to the next generation uncracked.

Choose from a variety of wristwatch models at 1403.

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2. Bracelets.

You will get all the benefits of adding a wristwatch to your style with a bracelet too. But, can you really wear more than one or at the most two (if you’re really daring) wristwatch at a time, can you? But you can have two or more bracelets at a time.

Brown/Green Clip Loop Leather wrap bracelet

One sweet peck of adding a bracelet to your style is, you can stack many complementing bracelets on one arm or even both arms.

Accessories for the workplace or office

And for the ladies, when you wear short dresses or short sleeves, you can draw attention to your arms using bracelets like this beautiful sterling silver bracelet.

Saturnian Bangle

Check out our sterling silver saturnian bangle here.

Also, bracelets give an amazing pop to multicolored or floral dresses and sleeves. You can rock a short-sleeved vintage shirt and cap it with a stack of cuff bracelets.

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You can wear leather bracelets or plain metal bracelets or stoned bracelets and they all make unique statements about you and improve your style.

3.  Rings.

Rings as Thoughtful and cool Gifts for guys

Have you never looked in a direction simply because something glittered in the light? And it turned out to be a ring. That’s the power of a beautifully styled ring.

Rings have been worn since the BCs and they were usually for symbols or prestige. But not anymore.

Nowadays, it is almost a fashion command to stack rings on your fingers because it makes you look rich and classy.

Like bracelets, you can wear a variety at the same time. You can slip a simple ring on your index finger to say ‘I’m so chilled today.’ Or you can combine different metals; gold bands, and gemstones. You can blend colours and different shapes to have a balance.

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Pro-Style Tip: In styling bracelets and rings, the watch word is balance. Don’t overcrowd one arm or finger and desert the other.

General rules like fitting your clothes, finding new fashion inspirations, and the likes are good for improving your style. But accessories are small tweaks that change your whole vibe.

Rings, bracelets, and wristwatches are the top three accessories any stylish person must have. Ensure you have each (and different designs) in your wardrobe to improve your style.

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