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Thoughtful and Precious Gifts for Ladies in Lagos and Abuja

Thinking about what thoughtful and precious gifts you could get for the ladies or women in your life?

Don’t fret, in this short post, we would show you some very thoughtful and precious gifts ideas for ladies/women. These ideas are all culled from the 1403 collection of accessories for women and would make for a perfect gift.

Getting gifts for ladies are often a hassle, after going through the stress of picking a gift, you then have to wonder if the gift is special enough, or would truly symbolize what you feel for the person. Such thought make the gift buying process tiresome.

Which is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most thoughtful and precious gifts for ladies/women. From our experience, these are the products which ladies favour the most.

Compiled to be as simple and precise as possible, and also contains special offers from 1403. Located in Ceddi plaza Abuja, or the branch in Emmanuel Keshi Street, Magodo 2, Lagos.

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Thoughtful and Precious gifts to get the Ladies/Women in your life.

1. Wristwatches.

Roman Flamingo Wristwatch

Wristwatches are the first item on our list of thoughtful and precious gifts for ladies.

A watch serves as a constant reminder of the gifter. Wearing a watch every day serves as a reminder of the person who gave it to you, making watches thoughtful gifts. Giving that special lady a watch is a beautiful way to show them that you value their company and want to be there for them every day.

Choose from a variety of wristwatch models at 1403.

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2. Sterling Silver Bracelet.

Saturnian Bangle

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver made up of 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent additional metals, typically copper.

Many individuals think that wearing a sterling silver bracelet will help us reap many of these health benefits. Such jewelry, according to, preserves the formation of our bones and skin as well as the elasticity of our blood vessels.

Additionally advantageous is the hypoallergenic nature of sterling silver (rarely causes allergies). also, it improves eloquence in speaking in front of an audience. increases persistence and patience..

You can learn more about sterling silver bracelets by clicking here.

Ladies love sterling silver bracelet due to its elegance and charm, it’s perfect for a dinner setting, a piece that would always bring a sensual thought to her mind when she sees it and thinks of you.

Check out our sterling silver saturnian bangle here.

3.  Cuff Bracelets are also among thoughtful and precious gifts for ladies.

Another gift idea for ladies are cuff bracelets (or cuff bangles). They are easy to wear and look divine. Like the quote by Jil Sanders, “to look sophisticated, you have to go simple.”

You could go with a slim bangle that can be layered or go for a wider cuff that sits just right her her wrists. She would love you for it.

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4. Necklaces

One of the first forms of jewelry worn by humans may have been necklaces. They are also utilized as symbols of wealth and rank. Necklaces are the perfect representation of love and any other sentiment one might wish to keep close to their heart because of where they are worn. “When a guy buys a lady jewelry, it usually signifies he is devoted and in it for the long run,”.

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5. Card Holders.

1403 Red Card Holder

Surprised to find this list here? Sorry guys, cardholders are a gender neutral accessory, ladies too use it, most especially those who are business inclined.

It helps to declutter their purse and keeps their card neatly arranged. Also, it looks organized, exudes class, shows confidence and makes the lady stand out among others.

Click here to read more about cardholders and why you need one.

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