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1403 is Live and running


1403 is proud to announce the launch of our website.

We are excited and proud to let you know that 1403 website is live and running, because you, our esteem customers should see what our new website feel and look like,  which concur with the fact that we are your one-stop shop for premium quality leather shoes, bags, wristwatches and bracelets for classic men and women of style.

1403  new website is a clear indication of what we stand for and what our values are.

We are committed to giving you premium and best quality leather in the pure form.

1403 is known for sculpturing and making exquisite men shoes and bag with leather, we mean; real leather.

The website is ecommerce, user-friendly, and has great pictures you can relate with.

Not forgetting that you can make orders directly from the site, book a consultation, see our bespoke stocks, track your orders and read amazing topics and get up to date info with the brand.

1403 brand has been around for a year and has sold over a hundred shoes,  and made a couple of bespoke shoes and we are committed to doing more.

We are here to give you the best value for your money. Our customer service is top notch, down to our order and delivery processes.

1403 believe in giving the modern man the touch and feel of the handcrafted leather fashion items.



1403 is here to give you the best and we love you.



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