Men’s fashion has always been popular in the spotlight, but most men frequently overlook the finer details. Men’s accessories tend to be overlooked. While the front runners in apparel, such as shirts and jeans, receive our full attention and consideration.

This is unfortunate because accessories especially for men can easily make or break an outfit’s and style. In exchange, we’ve outlined the top 21 best accessories that every man should own and wear below.

While fashion is cyclical, the advice given has held true for a long time and likely still hold true in future. Never underestimate the impact of good men’s fashion accessories.

“Sometimes the clothes do not make the man,” George Michael once said. We believe he meant to say, “But the accessories do.”

When it comes to upping your style game, few things can completely transform your look like the right accessories. Whether you’re purchasing a fashionable pair of sneakers or treating yourself to an heirloom-quality watch.

That’s why we’ve compiled the complete guide to wearing accessories for men. Read on to find the ideal outfit add-ons for stepping up your wardrobe this year.

1. Rings

In general, a ring should be understated. Large jewels, whether real or fake, tend to look gaudy. As a result, they distract from the rest of the outfit.

Simple bands are usually the most effective. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual materials. Men’s rings should not be limited to just marriage rings or to gold or silver.

2. Wristwatch.

Almost every man owns a timepiece. If they have a leather belt, most people like to match their watch strap to it. Metal straps should be gold or silver, while fabric straps tend to be more casual. Wristwatch an essential among accessories for men or guys.

Keep the watch simple and avoid skeleton watches unless the watch is of exceptional quality and features an intriguing movement.

Every man should own at least one quartz movement watch for casual outings and one automatic watch for Formal gathering. Click here to read more about type of watch movements.

3. Smart Watch

A smart watch does everything: it notifies you when you receive mail, it monitors your heart rate, and it even calculates how much exercise you get in a day.

If the health function is the most important reason why you want this device, treat yourself to a great health-sports watch, such as this one from 1403, that you can wear during those punishing workouts and still look great afterward.

4. Cuff Bracelets.

When someone says cuff or bracelet cuff, they’re referring to a type of bracelet that wraps around your wrist. It has an opening that pushes against the side of the wrist, and the bracelet is then twisted into place.

It’s a unique and unusual piece for men, so it’s a must-have if you want to stand out. Cuff bracelets exude sophistication and self-assurance.

5. Leather bracelets.

Ranked highly among the top and popular types of bracelet. It represents power and strength, especially when combined with a touch of gold or silver. Also another must have in accessories for guys and men.

However, if overly embellished, it can exude mystery, even dominance and rage. You can read about leather bracelets and why you need them by clicking here.

6. Beaded Bracelets.

Having various styles of bracelets is essential so you can mix it up with different outfits. Most especially beaded bracelets.

As they come in a variety of colors, and some people will simply wear a bracelet based on their color preferences and its meaning.

For example, if you choose a purple bracelet. It represents creativity as well as calming the wearer’s mind during stressful times.

7. Hats

Hats are frequently difficult to wear properly. Casually wear wool or felt hats, such as the classic fedora or trilby. The clash of formalities is uncomfortable and now has negative connotations for the wearer. When you wear a suit, keep the wool hat on.

Beanies, baseball caps, and bucket hats are more appropriate for casual wear. Hats with a real brim, such as the panama, should only be worn when you’re wearing a collar. Straw hats are great because they are lightweight and add a casual touch to the hat.

8. Shades/Sun Glasses

A good pair of glasses can really make an outfit stand out. Stick to sunglasses if you don’t need prescription glasses, as fake eyeglasses look strange.

When choosing eyewear, consider your facial shape; rounder faces look better in more rectangular glasses. While faces with sharp features, such as a strong jawline, can wear round glasses more easily.

9. Scarves.

Scarves are great, but only when the weather calls for them. In the heat, a heavy scarf is completely inappropriate.

Scarves are a very large accessory. And can easily help provide a pop of color to your outfit, or rein in louder pieces. There are numerous tie knots from which to choose.

10. Neckpiece

Neckpieces appear to be in and out of favor in men’s fashion. If you’re going to wear a neckpiece, keep the pendant simple. A large pendant, like a large ring, is distracting and gaudy.

Leather cords can be used to create a casual look too.

11. Ties.

Most people associate ties with business attire. Ties, on the other hand, can be worn in a more casual setting. For business meetings, keep the conservative silk ties on hand. For more casual wear, try rougher textures or interesting patterns.

Wool knit ties are a great option when you want to dress up but still have fun with your outfit. When classified under accessories, ties are not worn by guys a lot.

12. Tie bars

Tie bars no longer serve their original purpose of keeping the tie pinned to the shirt. Instead, these ties are purely decorative.

 In a formal setting, keep the tiebar conservative, opting for gold or silver colors, but have fun when wearing a tie more casually. Casual tie bars are available in a variety of designs.

You can also match you tie bars to your cufflinks.

13. Cufflinks

Cufflinks and French cuff shirts go together. French cuffs are, by definition, formal. The wearer’s choice of design is entirely up to them; however, gaudy designs, such as large gemstones, should be avoided.

Colored, silk-knot cufflinks can be used to soften the formality of French cuffs.

14. Pocket Squares

An added accessory to neckties, the pocket square has ascended to the throne of mandatory suiting accessory. In other words, if you’re wearing a blazer or suit without a pocket square, you’re doing the bare minimum.

Even if you’re more than capable of injecting some style into your ensemble. This starter set of black, gray, and white squares will get your collection off to a good start.

15. Lapel Pins

Every man should own a tie when the occasion calls for it—a it’s no-brainer. However, in today’s world, a tie alone isn’t always enough. Solution? A simple and understated lapel pin. This floral lapel pin adds a touch of whimsy without being overpowering.

16. A Classy Pen

To put it another way, a fountain pen. They’re regal, elegant, and exude elegance. They’re also inconvenient—and (in most cases) expensive. When classified under accessories just like ties, classy pen are more for stylish men than guys.

However, if you purchase a well-made writing utensil, such as 1403 marble fountain pen or ball point pen. You can reap all of those benefits without breaking the bank.

17. Belts

Belts are simple, but they help to tie your outfit together. Match your belt and shoes for a more formal occasion. You can wear mismatched shades in a casual setting; in fact, matching belt and shoe casually can look odd. Consider a web belt for a more casual or militaristic look.

18. Wallets

Wallets, first and foremost, are used to store money. Fashion is an afterthought. Stick to leather of some kind. For casual use, chunky or bulky wallets are fine, but slim wallets are best for more formal wear. Among accessories, most guys love to carry wallets the most.

Black, brown, and oxblood are the most popular colors. Some people like to match their leathers, but this is purely a personal preference.

19. CardHolders.

A card holder is a small, compact wallet that holds your cards, whether debit, credit, or business cards, gift cards, and so on.

A useful card holder will allow you to store your most important cards within easy reach while also allowing you to slide it into your pockets without becoming disorganized. Read more about card holders here.

20. Gloves

In general, the best gloves are made of leather or wool. Color is up to the wearer; just don’t pair dark brown with black. Leather gloves can be worn from casual to formal, whereas wool gloves are only worn casually.

21. Footwear.

While not a true accessory, footwear is arguably one of the most important pieces of clothing in a man’s outfit.

Shoes come in a wide range of styles. Except in the most casual of circumstances, leather is the best choice. Sandals should only be worn for very casual occasions, such as at the beach, and should be worn without socks.

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