Did you know that it only takes us a tenth of a second to form an opinion about someone? Surprisingly, our assessments are usually correct. You are what you wear, it is true.

Did you know that your accessories can reveal a lot about your personality? You may not be aware of it, but your jewelry can reveal a lot about you.

You may think you’re just accessorizing your favorite outfit. But the pieces and placement of the jewelry you choose can actually reveal certain aspects of your personality to others.

Whether you prefer a bag with personality that sparks many a conversation with a stranger. Or you simply prefer to exude suaveness and sophistication, your accessories send important signals to the outside world.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing bad or strange about it. But it’s certainly interesting and insightful to discover what your fashion accessory style says about you.

Discover Your Style Personality

You may not have given much thought to your style personality. However, it can assist you in determining the type of accessories that will best suit you.

The following are the most common styles. Choose the one that speaks to you.

Creative and artistic

You like to get your clothing and accessories from a variety of sources. From thrift stores to your sister’s closet. If you are a diverse person with an interesting background, you are what you wear.

When you go shopping, you consider color and texture. And you’re a sucker for color – the more the merrier!

You are not swayed by current fashion trends or fashion rules. You prefer to appear interesting and one-of-a-kind. Your accessories are always eye-catching.


Is Coco Channel the epitome of your ideal style? Then you’re a classic lady. You prefer timeless accessories that last.

And you like to look put-together and aren’t swayed by the constantly changing trends in store windows. Also, you prefer coordinated outfits and accessories that complement your outfit without drawing attention to themselves.


If a new trending style emerges, you’re all over it. Your goal is to stand out and make a big impression.

However, you are still concerned with minor details such as the perfect lip color/pocket square. You prefer jewelry made of gleaming metals and aren’t afraid to go big with one-of-a-kind pieces.

You fill your accessory box with a variety of styles that all make a statement.


What your fashion accessory style says about you when you are a romantic at heart. You prefer soft, pastel-colored clothing. Flowing silhouettes with ruffles, lace, pleats, and bows appeal to you. You’re won over by the decorative details.

And you’re always down for a pretty floral print. Your jewelry is delicate and understated. And you can’t go anywhere without your ballet flats.

Natural and uncomplicated

Is comfort the most important consideration when shopping for clothes? If this is the case, you may prefer items that are easy to wash and wear.

You may prefer simple jewelry.

Unapologetic Sexiness

You’re not a wallflower. You come prepared to be admired. You’re not afraid to flaunt your sexual attractiveness.

You dress in figure-hugging clothes with short hemlines and low necklines. And you’re always wearing heels. Your accessories must be flirtatious.

You enjoy wearing bright colors and prints as long as they allow you to show off your body.

Daring Statement Seeker

Do you like to wear statement necklaces and other eye-catching jewelry on a regular basis? Do you feel most at ease in sandals and tank tops during the summer? You are, indeed, a statement seeker! If you like big and bold jewelry with a lot of metal, your jewelry says a lot about the laid-back life you want to live.

The Trend Seeker:

Is your jewelry box so crammed with contrasting pieces that you’re not sure where you’ll put the next thing you find? Then your fashion accessory style says you are a trend seeker.

You’re a trend seeker if you like every trend and want to wear it most of the time, and you probably look great doing it.

You know what’s fashionable and what isn’t, and you always have a strong sense of what you like and dislike, which is what sets you apart from the crowd.

The Whimsical Outfitter:

Do you like jewelry with charms and other fun elements? If this describes you, you are probably the type of person who enjoys a good romantic comedy, enjoys laughing, and does not take life too seriously.

Your favorite piece of jewelry is a lovely charm bracelet that tells the story of your life in a light hearted way. You can check out our collection of lovely charms by clicking here

Things to Always Think About:

  • Conservative Accessories

Using what your fashion accessory style says about you is also a tool to impress others depending on your situation. Regardless of your personality type or the pieces you gravitate toward, it is ALWAYS critical to consider the type of situation you are in.

For example, a person may want to wear simple stud earrings or small hoops to a job interview. If you do wear a necklace, make it thin and without anything flashy hanging from it.

People want to give a more conservative impression during interviews. Your jewelry should complement you rather than overpower you.

A professional wardrobe must include conservative jewelry.

  • Artistic Accessories

For a party or a night out on the town, on the other hand, you can certainly wear one of your nicest pieces of jewelry or something with more sparkle, bling, and flash. Infact, you can go crazy with it.

The goal of artistic jewelry is to make a statement.

For the most part, both styles are valid and necessary in everyday life. I hope you enjoyed discovering your accessory personality.

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